Monday, December 28, 2009

Guest Writer~Fleur de L'est

This weeks writer is Fleur de L'est, they recently found me on Fictionpress and I really enjoyed their poem Dandelions: Fly Away.

Dandelions:Fly Away

The party has started,
It is time to go.
Fly away! longing eyes
of the tame-hearted,
Before the longing starts to show.

Et la dent de lion
will soon start to bite,
Like midnight-disco
and city lights of neon
Obscuring the moon, silver and bright.

So fly away,
Indulgent tinglings yet little seen,
Before you eat me up,
Et je mangerais

dent de lion - lion's tooth (old French word for dandelion)
je mangerais les pissenlits par la raince - I would be eating dandelion roots (French idiom for being dead)

I loved this poem for its interesting language. From "longing eyes/of the tame hearted" to the inserted French phrases that really made this interesting for me. This poem also has really great structure and word balance. It has great description and not too contrived. I really look forward to reading more work by this author in the future. Keep writing!

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